National flights are under strong criticism, due to high CO2-emissions. Battery electric VTOLs can not cover longer distances. Underdeveloped countries need a mode of transportation without street infrastructure. Fragile logistic chains need a fast and flexible transportation system to be more resilient.

ODONATA solves all those challenges with a new style of eVTOL. We call it Heliplane. It combines the advantages of a helicopter with vertical take-off and landing and the advantages of a fixed wing plane with high speeds and a low energy consumption.

up to

1.000 km

up to

1.000 kg

up to

13.000 ft


150 kn

Cruise Speed




We start and land like a helicopter and fly like a plane. With our flexible hybrid powertrain, which can be designed as a pure hydrogen drive as well as allowing the use of eFuels, we achieve significantly higher ranges and paylod compared to pure battery-electric eVTOLs and thus open up a new market. Our development aim is to become the most sustainable flight system in the world. There are a lot of battery powered eVTOL (electrical vertical take-off and landing) Start-Ups, but only a few powered with CO2-free hydrogen, this makes ODONATA quite unique.
ODONATA. Next generation aircraft.

Up to 3x range of battery powered eVTOLs

Wing-Integrated Propeller XXL Cabin

Up to 2x payload of battery powered eVTOLs

Our wing-integrated propellers allow improved aerodynamics, and in airborne flight do not cause any significant additional drag when disguised in the wing.

ODONATA will focus on cargo, emergency segments and passenger.

Fly with us!

Our Team

The company has engaged a specialized team member for each relevant position in the current development stage. Additionally, the company attracted the attention of aviation and industry experts as advisors or consultants, supporting the development and certification processes.

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To all investors, pilots, flight enthusiasts, applicants and all interested people: If you want to fly with us, and become part of the next generation aircraft company, please contact us.